Why you need to practice meditation

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Make meditation a part of your daily life with these helpful tips and tricks - number 4 is absolutely genius! Meditation has so many amazing benefits for your mind, body, and soul.

Meditation has been buzzed about everywhere lately and it is a practice that I totally support! Meditation has made a huge difference in my life and contrary to popular belief, it is easy to squeeze in some time to meditate every day if you follow some of the tips and tricks below.

This Huffington Post article lists 8 ways that meditation can benefit you including improving concentration, physical health benefits, and improving happiness!

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There’s an app for that

By far the easiest way to get into a good practice of meditation is to download an app on your phone! There are so many apps these days, but here are some of my favorites:

  • Insight Timer Browse thousands of free guided meditations, affirmations, and meditation music selections or use the handy timer to record your meditation sessions. The app also lets you track your progress
  • Headspace A great meditation app for those who are serious about the practice- not a lot of free content so a subscription is required for most of the app
  • Guided Mind A plethora of guided meditations on various topics for free or for purchase
Affirmations and Guided Meditations

I admit, sometimes I don’t have the time or desire to sit down and spend time actually meditating. That’s where affirmations and guided meditations have been a true lifesaver! As part of my 18 for 2018 I want to listen to affirmations or meditate three times a week (lately I have been pushing for daily as the benefits skyrocket).

Having some affirmations downloaded on my phone or using guided meditations allows me to listen while multi-tasking and doing other things.

  • Listen to a guided meditation on Insight Timer while doing the dishes
  • Play positive affirmations while commuting on the subway/walking to work
  • Fall asleep to a guided mediation
Remind yourself of your intent

Surrounding yourself with positive affirmations is an easy way to remind yourself of your intention to meditate and focus inward.

Recently, I purchased a bracelet from Myintent.org and I absolutely love it! I chose the word Abundance so that i am constantly reminded to fill my life with the abundance of health, wealth, and happiness.  Click here to get $5 off your first order and start wearing your intention everywhere you go. What word will you choose?

You can also check out Etsy for tons of personalized word or affirmation jewelry! I love Etsy as you get to support small business owners and get some super unique pieces. Shop Etsy for Personalized & Custom Jewelry


Turn your shower into a meditation zone

One of the easiest and best places to meditate is a place you spend some time in every day- the shower! Spend even just 5 minutes of your morning or nightly shower meditating to gain great benefits.

Try this one from MindBodyGreen that takes just 5 minutes!

If you need a guided meditation or affirmations like me, grab a waterproof speaker for your bathroom to surround yourself with good vibes. This one is pink and under $10! These also make great gifts for the person who has everything.

Morning person or night owl?

Happiness expert and author of The Happiness Project, Better than Before, and The Four Tendencies writes a lot about how our habits shape our happiness. The bottom line is,  there isn’t one perfect strategy for everyone- you need to know yourself and how you behave.

One of the key things to learn about yourself is if you are a morning person or a night owl (a lark or a night owl). Throughout your life you have a tendency to have periods of being more of a night owl, like in your teenage years or during college, or a lark as most of us tend to lean to in older age. But most people prefer mornings or evenings.

For me, I prefer going to bed early and waking up earlier so I would now consider myself more of a morning person. I do my best work in the morning. So when it comes to my meditation practice, I like to start my day with meditations and affirmations. If I play one before bed, I tend to fall asleep to it so if I have to squeeze one in then I make sure it is something soothing that will sit in my subconscious.

How do you incorporate meditation into your daily life?



Etsy also has quotes, affirmations, and gorgeous signs that you can put around your house to remind you of positive affirmations and intentions! Check out the link below to get inspired and support small business owners!

Make meditation a part of your daily life with these helpful tips and tricks - number 4 is absolutely genius! Meditation has so many amazing benefits for your mind, body, and soul.

15 responses to “Why you need to practice meditation

  1. I’ve heard others talk about the benefits of meditation, but I have never tried it. I like the idea of using the shower- like you said, we all spend time in the shower anyway, so why not make the best of it!

  2. I just need to commit to meditation, Insight is a great app to get started. Instead of trying everyday I will try three times a week.
    It really helps resonate positive energies

  3. I started meditating after I was diagnosed with Graves Disease. Stress management and self care became incredibly important for the sake of my well-being and my husband suggested that I give meditation a try (something he loved to do but I had never been interested in). It truly was (and still is) a game changer. Not only did it help me learn to cope with having an incurable illness, it’s also helped me to feel more grounded, happy and comfortable in generable.

    I recommend it to everyone. It’s so simple to incorporate into your routine, completely free and the benefits are astounding. You’ve got nothing to lose when it comes to meditation! Thanks for sharing it’s goodness ♡
    Sara | mshealthesteem.com recently posted…Health-Esteem Queen Sarah, Healthy Vegan Food Creator and Wellness AdvocateMy Profile

  4. This is right up my alley. Loved it in its entirety. I’ve tried Headspace but will venture in to Insight Timer. And I need to get on board with affirmations. I’ve saved the link to read and absorb it more fully after work.

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