Update Your Spring Wardrobe with Stitch Fix!

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have you tried Stitch Fix?! Fashion from a personal stylist delivered to your door for you to try in the comfort of your own home. It is so much fun!

Spring has sprung here in NYC (okay really we are kind of skipping the whole spring thing and heading straight into to summer, but there’s no snow in the forecast and the sun is shining!) While New Yorkers are notoriously known for wearing black (all day, every day, all year long) the sunshine does make me want to cast my all black outfits aside and freshen up my spring wardrobe.

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Have you heard of Stitch Fix? Stitch Fix is a company that sends you a personally styled box of 5 clothing and/or accessory items directly to your house. To receive the service, you simply fill out your style profile here, pay your $20 styling fee, and choose the date to receive your “fix” (Stitch Fix’s nickname for the box you receive in the mail.) When your receive your box, you open it to find a letter from your personal stylist explaining why each item was chosen for you and how to style/accessorize the look. You then can try the items on in the comfort of your own home, choose what items you want to keep, and send the rest back in the postage paid envelope provided. Your styling fee goes towards the purchase of any of the items in the box. If you like everything, you get a bonus 25% off the entire box! If you like nothing, you unfortunately lose the styling fee.

About 6 months ago, I started hearing about Stitch Fix and had to find out more more more! I asked anyone and everyone if they had heard of it, if they had tried it, if they thought it was worth it, literally any and every question I could think of. (If you’ve ever heard of Gretchen Rubin and read her Four Tendencies framework, it should be obvious to you that I am indeed a questioner.) After many, many people’s feedback and reviews (including a post to my Facebook friends and stalking numerous blog posts about Stitch Fix) I decided that the only way I was going to get over this obsession with Stitch Fix would be to try it for myself.

Heres what I learned from my experience with Stitch Fix:

Pinterest is key to showing your stylist what you like

In all of my reading on Stitch Fix, I kept hearing the same thing. The first box is really a complete and total crapshoot unless you create a Pinterest Style board and share it with your potential stylists (you can view mine here!)

Be open minded

I kept an item (black and snakeskin booties) that I would never have picked out in a store but decided to keep since I was keeping everything else in the box. I ended up wearing those shoes a ton in the fall and early winter, and will be wearing them again next year!

If at first you don’t succeed try, try again

My first box was a total flop. My second box was a total win and I kept every single piece. I am completely satisfied with my Stitch Fix experience after my second box!

The verdict?

I ended up keeping every item in my second “fix”, which included black and snakeskin booties, red colored denim pants, a patterned blouse, a grey tee shirt, and a black loose cardigan. I got 25% off the box, and spent $216.00 (factoring back in my styling fee), averaging to ~$44 per piece.

Here’s my receipt for the actual breakdown:

I hemmed and hawed with my decision, but ultimately I am SO happy I kept all five items. I still wear everything and wear the short sleeve tee and cardigan as a very regular part of my wardrobe. The Hi-Lo Short Sleeve Tee (it’s grey!) has become one of my favorite pieces to travel in and I am so happy it is a staple of my wardrobe.

So the bottom line is, I definitely recommend trying Stitch Fix at least once, maybe twice. I wasn’t happy at all with my first box, and was able to try a second box on the same styling fee after talking to their customer service, so I ultimately never lost out on my $20 styling fee. Will I be scheduling a regular monthly fix? Probably not. I don’t typically spend $200 a month on clothes, so this wouldn’t be a monthly regular for me. I do think it is a great option when you want to introduce a few new quality pieces into your wardrobe, have a stylist pick some items you wouldn’t try for yourself, or want to get access to some uniquely patterned pieces. It would also make a really fun gift to give a friend who is into fashion or accessories!

Maybe it’s because spring has sprung, or the sun is shining but I think I may scheduling my next fix shortly. If I do, I will definitely update you on the experience!

Try it for yourself today and let me know what you think!


Have you tried Stitch Fix or do you plan on it?



19 responses to “Update Your Spring Wardrobe with Stitch Fix!

    • Alexandra Weisser

      yes! You can order them anytime you want, there is no recurring subscription (unless you want to set that up). You choose the dates anytime you want to order!

    • Alexandra Weisser

      I’m a total Questioner, so I kept researching and researching waiting for someone to just give me the nudge to go for it. I definitely think you should go for it!

    • Alexandra Weisser

      It was a little bit of sticker shock to me, but the pieces I kept I seriously wear all the time making it totally worth it! Some of my H&M pieces I wear once and then want to throw away. Try it!

    • Alexandra Weisser

      Definitely! I feel like it is hard to convey everything about your unique style to someone but they second time they completely nailed it! Can’t wait to try again.

  1. I’ve been using Stitchfix for almost a year now, and even got my husband into it when they came out with Stitchfix for Men! I’ve had great months and not-so-greath months, but the positives have always outweighed the negatives. I almost always keep 1 or 2 things from each box, but sometimes it really does make the most sense to keep all 5 because of the 20% discount! I absolutely recommend Stitchfix to other people, but with the same advice that you give – use Pinterest to your advantage!
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    • Alexandra Weisser

      Yes my first real use of Pinterest (before blogging) was for Stitch Fix! So fun that your husband is in on it to, I might have to get my boyfriend to try!

    • Alexandra Weisser

      I know! I am not really a shopper so it was fun to have someone pick some items out for me. I’m going to do another one to get some spring updates!

    • Alexandra Weisser

      I have heard of Trunk Club but I have not tried it. It seem to be a bit pricier and a bit more formal than what I need for my day to day. I kept my price point with Stitch Fix low and asked for fun pieces.

  2. I’ve been debating on giving stitch fix a try I keep running across stitch fix blogs so maybe that’s a sign! I would love to see some pics of the boots thanks for sharing !’

    • Alexandra Weisser

      I kept asking everyone about Stitch Fix and finally just had to go for it! I’ll see if I can post the boot pic 🙂

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