Twenty Things I Learned in my Twenties

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to make thirty and beyond even better. #thehappylifeformula #happylife #twenty #thirty #lovinglife

I have been officially 30 for a few months now, ending my twenties: the period of your life of extreme growth, excitement, finding yourself, making mistakes, having successes, celebrating life, and going from being a kid to a bonafide adult (or something like that.)

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When I turned twenty-five, I experienced what is lovingly referred to as the “quarter-life crisis.” While I didn’t exactly know it at the time, looking back I was filled with so much anxiety about turning the number 25. Later years have told me that the the anxiety I felt was all of the pressure I had unknowingly put on the age of 25. When I was a little girl, I had dreams of what the 25 year old me would be doing, and while my life was great, it wasn’t what I thought 25 would be. But I later learned- that’s totally okay! Life ebbs and flows and changes and I firmly believe that you somehow end up exactly where you are supposed to be.

If you are still in your twenties, your period of learning more of who you are (though this journey never stops) I highly recommend this book. It got me through my dark days in my twenties. This one too, and I love the title 20-Something, 20 Everything!

On to the list…


1.) Be yourself

I learned in my twenties that being true to myself is what is most matters. Doing the things that I like and that I want to do is the cool thing to do. At this point in your life, you choose the people you surround yourself with.


2.) True love will find you when you are ready and open

I spent a LOT of time in my twenties chasing the wrong guys and pining over lost loves. When I finally read the book by Arielle Ford, The Soulmate Secret, I realized I needed to invest time in myself and love would come by way. Seriously, if you are single and looking for big love buy this book! It works, I am living proof. It has a lot to do with the Law of Attraction, another one of my passions. What are you waiting for! Your Big Love is waiting.


3.) Learning to cook is an invaluable life skill

Cooking allows you to eat healthier and save money- and you need to eat everyday so what a valuable skill to have!

Some of my favorite cooking blogs to follow are Budget Bytes, Damn Delicious, and of course, Buzzfeed Food.

4.) Sleep is precious

I spent the earlier parts of my twenties staying out late and getting up earlier and it finally caught up to me. Now, I value my sleep and look forward to staying in on Friday or Saturday nights. The way I see it is, I’m stockpiling my sleep for when the kids come and I lose that precious sleep again. If you love it, enjoy it! If you need some help sleeping, see my post on creating a bedtime ritual.

5.) Doing nothing is doing something

My guilty pleasure is curling up on the couch and watching Netflix, or taking a long bubble bath with a good book. Some days, I feel guilty since I live in NYC and feel like I should be out and about exploring the big city, but I realized that spending time “doing nothing” is doing something I love and enjoy. I want to enjoy my downtime while I can! I love the happiness hack of Hygge for this very reason (read my post about it here!)

6.) Dream BIG

Like out of this world BIG. Dream and visualize the life you desire and it will come to you. I have been big into the Law of Attraction, and believe it has helped me create love and other successes in my life. Some may think it’s a little too out there, but if you are think positive thoughts and dreaming big what is the downside?

7) It’s never too late to start

The last year of my twenties, I started both this blog and a part-time MBA program online! Both were things that I had been thinking about on and off for a long time and thought that I had

8.) Your parents are people too

This one hit me somewhere in my mid twenties. Whoa! Those parents you’ve known your whole life? They have lived through all the years you are going through. They have interests/likes/dislikes. They have stories and are probably pretty cool people. Get to know them.

9.) Mental health is important

SO important. Take time for some daily meditation, Do not neglect this aspect of health. And while you’re at it…

10.) Make time for doctor’s appointments

Don’t take your health for granted! Make sure you are getting all your annual wellness checks and stay on top of any problems you may have. Poor health will catch up with you in later life if you aren’t proactive now. Make the appointment!

11.) You have the right to say NO

I will never understand why people do things they don’t want to do! Maybe it is my Questioner tendency (see Gretchen Rubin’s Four Tendencies Framework and find out what you are!) but I can’t understand blindly just saying yes. Saying no is okay and it is your right.

12.) Make time for important relationships

Those friends, family members, and co-workers who always have your back? Make time for them. Those people who cause you nothing but stress? Show them the door.

13.) Learn to be okay with being alone

I think that everyone woman (or man) should live alone at some point during their twenties or thirties. Living alone gives you a sense of yourself, allows you to discover who you are, and teaches you how to be happy for yourself.

14.) Change is inevitable

There will always be change in your life and you must learn to embrace it in order for new and exciting things to happen. Remember, everything in your life you once did for the very first time (I know, I know… mind. blown.)

15.) You can only control your own reactions

This is a tough lesson to learn… but you cannot control how other people act or respond to situations, only how you do. You can however, learn how to be the very best version of yourself.

16.) Bad things will happen, and you will get through them

Bad things happen to good people. Every. Single. Day. But the cliche is true, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

17.) Money is a fact of life

We need money to do pretty much everything in this world. That is why budgeting, saving money, and managing your finances is such an important skill to learn in your twenties and beyond. I have a list of a few money mantras you can use as well as some tips for saving money the easy way.

Looking for a credit card with amazing rewardsClick here to apply for the Chase Freedom card today. You get 1% cashback on all purchases, and 5% cashback in quarterly bonus purchases! On my last bill, I received $37.61 in cash back. Talk about money for doing what I’m already doing…spending! 

18.) Find your passions and pursue them

I love writing so I started this blog (you can too! read my easy how to start a blog guide here). I also love to cook, so I spend a lot of time grocery shopping, browsing recipes, and cooking. Find out what makes you tick and do it!

19.) You are a work in progress

You are always growing, evolving, and becoming the best possible version of yourself. You are an imperfect person, you are human. You will make mistakes and you will learn and grow from them.

20.) This is your life, don’t let it pass you by

Stop caring so much what everyone else thinks. Live in the moment. Be mindful. Be kind and loving. You are not waiting for something to happen, it is happening right now!

to make thirty and beyond even better. #thehappylifeformula #happylife #twenty #thirty #lovinglife
to make thirty and beyond even better. #thehappylifeformula #happylife #twenty #thirty #lovinglife

10 responses to “Twenty Things I Learned in my Twenties

  1. Kim

    Alexandra, this post is amazing! I turned 50 a few months ago and I wish that I had learned these lessons by the time I was 30. But, as it says in number seven, it’s never too late to start! Have a wonderful 2018.

  2. Theresa Marie Daily

    Every single one of these is so important and valuable. I’m going to be 21 in January and I can honestly say I’ve learned some of these already, still struggling with #2 so maybe I should check out that book! Great post girl (: Xo

  3. I’m 22 years old and can say I already relate to a lot of these! The one I used to struggle with the most is focusing on myself instead of trying to get into other relationships and never letting go of those I used to love.
    I’m married now with 2 kids, and my life has done a 360 from where I used to be! Thanks for this post, it was perfect and very true.

  4. These are grey lessons I must say and I can relate with them.
    Really bad things must surely happen but we will get through them all. They will never kill us.Thanks.

  5. Bee

    You hot the nail on the mark and I wish my 24 year old self could go back and read this lol. I really like the part about learning to be alone is ok, it’s so important to learn how to enjoy your own company and find it really helps you figure out who you are.

  6. I love this. Especially the one that talks about true love finding you when you are ready. I always felt left out being the onlyvone of my friends thats not in a relationship. Although guys paid attention to me I still dont feel as if im ready for a relationship. I believe there’s so much more to my young life than that. But it really is a beautiful thing that i hope to find one day just not now.

  7. Great things to learn from your experiences because it helps us to live our life more meaningfully. So we will be happy and joyful in all circumstances and situations. Thanks

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