The Beginner’s Guide to the Law of Attraction

by Alexandra Weisser in Gratitude / 26 Comments

I love this guide to the Law of Attraction! This guide explained to me exactly how the Law of Attraction works and how I can start applying it to my own life today.

I am completely obsessed with the Law of Attraction, but I realize many of you may not have any idea exactly what it is all about! The Law of Attraction has been SO powerful in shaping my life, that I want to share with you a beginner’s guide to the Law of Attraction. Below you will find out what the Law of Attraction is all about, how you can start applying it to your life, and why it is so important.

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What is the Law of Attraction?

The Law of Attraction is a law of the Universe. It is the belief that focus on positive or negative thoughts attracts more of the same kind of positive or negative things into your life. Simply put, your current life situation is a reflection of all of the thoughts that you have been thinking for the past few days, months, or even years. One of my favorite quotes to sum this all up is “thoughts become things.” What we are thinking of on a regular basis is what forms our reality.

Thoughts become things: remember this powerful mantra the next time you find your mind filled with negative things.

What are some of the words used in the Law of Attraction?

There are a number of words that you may have heard used in conjunction with the Law of Attraction. You may realize that these are all connected to the Law of Attraction, but might be a little confused as to what they mean. Here are some of the common words associated with the Law of Attraction.

Manifesting This is the word used when describing what you are bringing into your life by the power of your thoughts. For example, you might wish to manifest a brand new car into your. This means that you wish to bring the new car into your reality by using the power of your thoughts. The words manifest or manifesting are frequently heard in conjunction with the Law of Attraction.

Vibration You may hear or read about Law of Attraction experts talking about getting your vibration in tune with the Universe. This term comes from the idea that everything in our world is made of energy and is operating at a certain frequency. You will commonly hear the phrase “raise your vibration” when related to the Law of Attraction. This is getting the frequency of your thoughts on the same level as the frequency of the world around us in order to attract the things you desire.

Affirmation The idea of affirmations in the Law of Attraction are words or phrases that you repeat in order to assert that thought into your mind. You might also hear these referred to as Mantras. An example of an affirmation or a mantra is: I am worthy of all the things I desire. If you are interested in learning more on how you can surround yourself with positive affirmations, you can read my post on that.

Why is it important to living a happy life?

When people are unhappy with their current circumstances, they tend to dwell on these negative thoughts. They are constantly thinking of all the things they do not have, the things that they want to have but feel they can’t have, and how unhappy the circumstances make them feel. Now that you understand what the Law of Attraction is, you realize how bad this really is!

In order to cultivate the life you desire, you need to become aware of your thoughts and what you are thinking. When you find yourself spiraling down a negative path, you need to change your focus onto something more positive. You can read more about this concept in my post on the secret of setting a positive intention for a happy day.

How can I start applying the Law of Attraction to my life?

There are a few great ways that beginners can start applying the Law of Attraction! You can start this practice in the next few minutes and gradually increase your awareness to how powerful the Law of Attraction can be.

An easy way to prepare your mind for the Law of Attraction is to start a meditation practice. Spend 5-10 minutes a day sitting quietly with your own thoughts. Practice observing your thoughts as if you were watching a movie: see the thought, acknowledge it, and let it drift on by. In the beginning, you may find this practice extremely difficult. But starting with 5-10 minutes a day of gentle meditation can help prepare your mind for the Law of Attraction exercises that you will find in more advanced books.

Another great way to start applying the Law of Attraction is by practicing gratitude. By being grateful for all of the things you do have, you are sending a powerful message to the Universe that you have a lot of great things and will therefore attract many great things. Focusing on what you have creates a space of abundance: do not focus on the items that you do not have. Any energy spent on what you do not have will send out messages of lack, and therefore you will attract more of what you don’t want or don’t have. For example, if it is money that you desire more of, spend time being extremely grateful for all of the money you have in your life. Be thankful that you are able to pay your bills, have a well paying job, etc.

Once you have spent some time getting your mind ready to manifest using the Law of Attraction, you are ready to begin visualization. Visualization is the practice of thinking about what you want so much that it feels like you already have it. For example, if you want a brand new car, picture yourself driving the car. Envision what the car looks and smells like and picture your hands around the steering wheel. Visualize all of the details and don’t worry about how it will manifest, just believe that it will become yours.

A simple exercise to put this all together is to begin by manifesting something small. One of the books I read suggested beginning by desiring flowers to come into your life. Picture yourself holding the flowers, smelling them, admiring the flowers, and having these flowers in your life. Practice this visualization everyday and watch in amazement as flowers come into your life in the next few weeks. Perhaps you will win the centerpiece at an event you attend or be the one to take home the office flowers. Maybe your significant other or friend will buy you flowers for no apparent reason. Remember, the Law of Attraction is not instantaneous so you must keep up the practice to see results.

Skeptical? Try the above exercise and see for yourself! I promise you have nothing to lose and everything to gain from beginning to apply the Law of Attraction.

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Where can I learn more about the Law of Attraction?

There are a TON of resources available on the Law of Attraction! I am a questioner based on Gretchen Rubin’s Four Tendencies framework (you can take the quiz here) which for me means I absolutely love obsessively researching topics I am interested in. I first heard about the Law of Attraction through a super popular book called The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. They also made a documentary that you can access on Netflix or buy from Amazon here.

Another book that I have read about the Law of Attraction that I have loved has been Law of Attraction: The Science of Attracting More of What You Want and Less of What You Don’t by Michael J. Losier. Once you’ve read The Secret, this book gives you a roadmap of how to exactly apply the Law of Attraction step by step to different areas of your life. Common areas are to attract your ideal relationship, to attract your desired career, to attract money, wealth, and abundance, or to attract things that you desire, like a new car or a new home. I loved this book and also purchased the audio book version, where Michael 

There are so many more books you can find- check out the Amazon search below for the top results. I have read so many of these books!



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26 responses to “The Beginner’s Guide to the Law of Attraction

  1. Hi Alexandra! Stopping by from The Blog Loft daily thread… I have to agree that gratefulness pays a HUGE part in our own contentment. We have so much to be thankful for!

  2. Hi Alexandra! Stopping by from The Blog Loft daily thread… I have to agree that gratefulness pays a HUGE part in our own contentment. We have so much to be thankful for!

  3. sam

    Awesome post! The Secret is actually on Netflix. These points are so important. We have to manifest our desires and live the life that actually brings happiness.

  4. Courtney

    I’ve heard about the Law of Attraction before, but I never knew what it meant. This has really piqued my interest! I’m not into meditating, but I’m going to give this all a try minus the meditation. (Call me crazy but I feel my mindset needs to be 100% okay before I open my mind to meditation) Thank you for sharing this knowledge!

    • Alexandra Weisser

      I don’t practice formal mediation, but I enjoy doing some guided meditations or spending a few minutes working on acknowledging (and dismissing) my thoughts

  5. Ant

    Visualization is so powerful. I really believe that’s what has attributed to my path so far. Thanks for this thoughtful reflection.

  6. My mother gave me the book “The Secret” and since reading it, and applying it, I have seen changes, it is not easy though, I try everyday to see the positive in everything 🙂

    • Alexandra Weisser

      Thank you! The Secret is a little too commercialized, but I think it a good introduction for the average person without getting too woo-ey (if that makes sense!)

  7. I am a HUGE believer and practice in the law of attraction. I don’t have faith, I have the spiritual connection with the Universe. It is an incredible thing to give positive energy for yourself and those around you. It isn’t easy to change your reactions, but it so worth it! Manifest the life you want! YES YES YES!!!!

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