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Hello and welcome to The Happy Life Formula!

I am so excited that you are joining me on my journey to my happy life formula, and know that you too will find your happy life formula.

So what exactly is The Happy Life Formula?

If you came here hoping to find the secret elixir to happiness, then I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but I don’t have that! But what do I have? Tips, tricks, personal experiences, and lessons learned in 7 areas of happiness that make up The Happy Life Formula.

By joining me on my journey to find The Happy Life Formula that works for me, you will find your own happy life formula. The best part? There is no magical formula! 

I’m going to let you in on a secret of happiness: each and every one of us has our own formula on what makes each of us happy! Exactly what works for me, won’t work for you, or your sister or your dad or your boss. But I am here to equip you with the knowledge and life lessons in order to develop your personal Happy Life Formula.




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