Spring Clean Your Life in Five Areas

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When the days get longer and the winter starts to finally feel like a memory, many of us get the strong urge to spring clean (I know I do!) If you got the urge to spring clean, here are some areas of your live where you can benefit from some light (or intense) spring cleaning:

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Your Home

Let’s start with the obvious- your home! Many of us who get the urge to spring clean start here as it is the obvious place. My favorite happiness idol, Gretchen Rubin shares on of her secrets of adulthood: outer order contributes to inner calm and I couldn’t agree more with that sentiment. Having an organized, clutter free, clean space really recharges me and helps me feel less anxious. It may be my type-A ness, but I cannot sleep at night if I know there are dishes left in the sink or clutter piled up in the corners of my bedroom.

This spring, I purchased a steam cleaner to freshen up my rugs, couch, mattress, and blast the dirt/dust from all the crevices of my apartment. NYC can get SO dusty and grimy, so this bad boy made easy work of naturally cleaning and refreshing my home. If you haven’t tried steam cleaning, I highly recommend ordering this one on Amazon. It came quickly and does an amazing job of cleaning.

Besides actual cleaning, organizing is a great way to spring clean your home and contribute to your inner calm. I absolutely swear by having baskets and bins to  add a uniform look to my bookshelves and open storage. By limiting the amount of items you are visually displaying, you create a less cluttered look instantly reducing the visual chaos in a room. Bins make it easy to have a place to easily put items away, which will help you keep up with the clutter on a daily basis. Plus they look great!

Your Finances

Spring follows the period of the holidays and winter, where spending can be at an all time high. Now that your spending patterns have settled down (and you may have even got a bit of a tax refund back!) it is a great time to re-evaluate how you are spending and saving.

Now is a great time to embark on a savings challenge! I was able to save $1,500 in one year by following this easy savings plan. It is as easy as putting some money into a savings account twice a month, with the amounts increasing as the year progresses. This challenge is based on the calendar year, but you can start anytime and follow the amounts around so it actually ends up being easier at the end. Sign up for the FREE savings challenge here.

Need some money to save? Here are five ridiculously easy ways to save money. You can also start generating some extra income on the side by starting a side hustle or by creating your very own money-making blog!

Your Look

Time to ditch the winter get-up and come into the spring/summer season with a fresh new look! Updating your look is a great way to get a fresh new feeling about yourself, boost your confidence, and get ready to take on the world. The change in seasons can signify a new beginning, especially the spring when flowers start blooming and growth begins.

How about pampering yourself and getting rid of that winter dry skin? Treat yourself to a mani/pedi, facial, or haircut by buying a Groupon from a local neighborhood salon. I absolutely love using Groupon for beauty treatments because it allows you to indulge in services at a fraction of the cost and help you find your new favorite local salons.


Need a wardrobe update? Check out this post I wrote reviewing Stitch Fix to give your spring wardrobe a boost. I know many, many people who have tried and absolutely love Stitch Fix, so give it a go to spring clean your wardrobe and find your new favorite pieces. I absolutely love some of the basics I received in one of my “fixes” and they have become go-to items in my wardrobe.


Your Relationships

Now that you have come out of the winter doldrums, you might be getting ready to get out and be a bit more social than you were in the winter. (I don’t know about you, but I love to spend the winter practicing the happiness trend of Hygge and staying warm and cozy inside my home!) Just like the rebirth of nature in the spring, your current relationships might need a bit of a spring cleaning of their own. Spring is the perfect time to start evaluating the people that you want to invest your precious time in.

Do you have a toxic friend in your life? Someone who is constantly badgering you, dragging you down, bringing too much unnecessary drama into your life? Spring cleaning your friendships is not an easy thing to do, but it can bring you a lot more happiness (and that is what we are all about here at The Happy Life Formula!).  Give yourself permission to let go of an unhealthy friendship and focus on cherishing the friendships that do bring you great joy.

If you want to do some spring cleaning in your romantic relationship, I have a great book for you to check out! The Five Love Languages , by Gary Chapman, helps you are your partner discover which of the five love languages you each respond best too. The five love languages are words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time, and physical touch. Most partners “speak” different love languages, which can cause frustration and feelings of your needs not being met. This is great book to purchase and read with your sweetie, to connect on a deeper level and learn more about each other.


Your Mind

My mind tends tThoughts become things: remember this powerful mantra the next time you find your mind filled with negative things.o always be filled with hundreds, maybe even thousands of thoughts all racing around at the same time, demanding my attention, and pulling me it what seems like a million different directions. Have you heard of SAD? Seasonal Affective Disorder? Basically, it is a type of depression related to the change of the seasons. When it becomes colder and darker longer in the winter, people with SAD become increasingly depressed. While I don’t have a diagnosed SAD, I definitely feel like my mood turns a little bit darker and drearier along with the winter weather. But when spring comes? You guessed it! I’m ready to change my thoughts, my attitude, and take on the world!

A great way to spring clean your mind is by turning all of those negative thoughts into positive affirmations. I wrote a great post of a ton of my favorite Pinterest-worthy positive affirmations to get your started. There is no better way to boost your mood than to reframe a negative thought into something positive. Another great way to start each day a bit happier is by starting the day by setting a positive intention. Starting your day with the right mindset can make a world of difference.




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Here are five areas of your life that you can spring clean now that the weather is warm!

What areas of your life are you looking to spring-clean?



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