Pinterest Guide & Why I Chose Tailwind

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Guide to Pinterest for Bloggers and why I chose Tailwind as my pin scheduler (and you should get it too because it's awesome and a game-changer!)

I am in my second month of blogging, and choosing what products to invest in as a newbie can be super intimidating and overwhelming! You’re not yet making money, but you know you need to invest in products to grow your business and ultimately bring in the cashflow.

This post contains affiliate links for products I use and love for blogging. If you purchase something through my link, I’ll make a small commission at no cost to you.

The one thing that I kept coming across over and over was how valuable and important Pinterest is to the success of bloggers. Pinterest is the only social media platform that people come to just to look for blog posts on the topics they want! Since Pinterest is made up of 81% females, if you blog is targeting women you cannot afford to miss out on the benefits of Pinterest.

As a blogger, once you realize how important Pinterest is and set yourself up with an account, there are still a few things you need to do to optimize your success.

Only Pin Long, Beautiful Images

Pins need to be longer than they are wide. They should be approximately 735 by 1100 pixels. I use Canva to create all my pin-worthy images and they have a default Pinterest template you can choose to make it super easy to know the size of the image.

Nothing drives me more crazy than to read a blog post that I really like and see that the person has posted a bunch of images that I cannot pin! Make sure you have at least one or two images that can be easily pinned from your article.

Pins that are light, bright, have open space, and are in the warmer colors family tend to be re-pinned more often. Also, stay away from people’s faces in your images as these pins tend to have less success than those without people’s faces in them.

Enable Rich Pins

Rich pins allow you to validate your website and show that your pins are directly connected to your website- a MUST for bloggers. You need to have a business account for Pinterest in order to enable rich pins, which I highly recommend you sign up for. If you have an existing personal account, you can change it to a business account without losing your boards, pins, or followers. Below is an example of the rich pin text at the bottom of this pin:

screenshot of a rich pin from

As you can see, the text now reads “Article from” and had the nifty little read it button to take you directly to my blog post. It also automatically fills in the description with text from your site.

A lot of newbie bloggers are intimidated to set up rich pins because they think it seems complicated or too techie. Fear not friends! You can set up rich pins in three super duper easy steps.

  • Enable metadata. (Say what?!) Pinterest needs to validate your website with metadata. The easiest way to do this is to download the Yoast SEO Plugin. Once you have downloaded and activated the plugin, go to the “Features” Tab and ensure that the slider bar under “Advanced Settings” is set to Enabled. (P.S. TheYoast SEO Plugin can also help you with search engine optimization [SEO] so it is a great plugin to have!)
  • Visit Pinterest’s Rich Pin Validator and follow the steps on the webpage. You will need to enter a link to a page on your website (not your homepage) and click “Validate.”
  • Once you have validated your pins, you should see the option to “Apply Now” and that’s it! You should see your rich pins in an hour or so.
Invest in a Pin Scheduler (TAILWIND!)

You may have heard that it is recommended that you pin 20-25 times per day, at varying times throughout the day. I don’t know about you, but I work a 9-5 job and don’t have time to be manually pinning all day long!

Luckily, there are pin schedulers out there to do the work for me, while I am busy doing other things! All you need to do is spend 15-30 minutes at the beginning of the week preparing all of your pins for the week, set up your schedule, and forget it!

There are two super popular pin schedulers, Tailwind and Boardbooster. Both services offer free trials, so you can test them out before having to commit to a paid plan. I recommend that you try both out, since they are free, before making your decision. But I am going to tell you why I ultimately chose (and love!) Tailwind.

  • Tailwind has a super easy to use interface for scheduling your pins. I found Boardbooster to be a bit clunky, slow running, and difficult to use. Again, this is a personal preference.
  • BOARD LISTS! These are an absolute game changer. You can add any of your personal boards or group boards to specific board lists so you can easily schedule pins to multiple boards with a click of one button. This saves so much time and helps you pin much more effectively. 
  • Unlimited scheduled pins!On the annual plan, which costs $9.99 per month but is billed annually, you can schedule and unlimited amount of pins each month. With Boardbooster, you pay for pins in increments: $5.00 for 500 pins, $10.00 for 1,000 pins, and so on. I’m pinning 50+ times a day with Tailwind, and that would add up pretty quickly on Boardbooster’s pricing scheme.
  • Tailwind Tribes! Tribes are actually free to use, even if you are not a paid Tailwind user so I highly recommend getting your feet wet with Tailwind but checking these out. You pin your content to the tribes and share others from the tribe. Tailwind makes it easy to schedule pins directly from tribes, so you can find fresh content to share with your audiences.

Long story short, I high recommend the paid annual subscription of Tailwind if you are serious about your Pinterest game. It was the first investment I made in my blog after my domain name and hosting (Bluehost, which is great for beginners!) and my amazing theme Tweak Me V2 (which I highly recommend a premium theme.) You can read more about starting your very own money making blog in this post I wrote about it.

Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite

Did you also know that you can use Pinterest to make affiliate sales? Check out this amazing e-book I purchased on how to make your first affiliate sale using Pinterest in 24 hours! The book will pay for itself in the first few sales, and you can even become an affiliate for the book too!


Why I invested in Tailwind as a brand new blogger!

Do you currently use a pin scheduler?



64 responses to “Pinterest Guide & Why I Chose Tailwind

  1. Yeost and Tailwind are lifesavers! I’m so glad I invested in Tailwind – it makes life so much easier 🤘. Thanks for all of the info 😊

  2. Totally love this article. Thank you for reading it. Looks like I’m going to have to spend an hour or so to create some pins for my blog posts and figure this whole Pinterest thing out.

    • Alexandra Weisser

      I do wish Tailwind had a looping feature, but it is just so much more user friendly than Boardbooster I had to choose Tailwind!

  3. This is a helpful post. I completely agree that rich pins look amazing and it’s so easy to set them up when there are instructions to follow. Also, I get sad when there is a great article and there is no pinnable image. I need to up my Pinterest so I am thinking of getting Tailwind and Boardbooster soon to see if I should use one or both of them.
    Stephanie recently posted…Vegan “Pesto” with Spinach and CashewsMy Profile

  4. Hi Alexandra,

    Great post and I am glad that you’re loving Tailwind. I use it as well and have just started testing out Board Booster. While I have to agree with you, Tailwind makes it extremely easy to pin a bunch of pins in advance.

    I try to post up to 2-3 weeks of pins in advance so I don’t have to log into Pinterest every day. I love the fact that they have Tribes as well, which has been very good for getting my pins shared more often.

    The only feature that I wish Tailwind had that it doesn’t, is the looping feature that Board Booster has. I do agree with you, if you’re going to pick it up, pay for the annual subscription.

    I saved more money on the annual payment than on the monthly payment. Plus, I hate monthly payments and it’s nice to know that I don’t have to worry about paying for it for another year.

    Thanks for sharing your tips and I hope you have a great day 🙂


  5. This post is really helpful. I have been trying to figure out how to enable rich pins. These are really straight forward directions. I was also was debating which pin scheduler to use, I’m definitely going to give Tailwind a try. Thank you

  6. You’re definitely swaying me toward Tailwind! I’ve been back and forth between the two, and I know I need to pick one and wade through it, so this is super helpful!

  7. I love Tailwind too! I grew from literally zero followers to over 2000 in a year! Might not be much for some but its a huge success for me! 🙂

  8. I really don’t understand these automated social media websites. I never will, ha! No matter how in depth people’s blog posts about them get! HA! I think I just have a mental block!

    • Alexandra Weisser

      Do you have any questions?! I was totally confused at first as well- that’s why I LOVE Tailwind, it is so easy to use! You just “schedule” pins. They have a plug in for your browser that makes the schedule button pop up everywhere. Feel free to email me to chat!

    • Alexandra Weisser

      awesome! I have tried both and I really love Tailwind 🙂 $9.99 for unlimited pins a month is totally worth the investment!

  9. I’ve heard Tailwind before but I haven’t actually used it as I was not into pinning my blogs before. But now, I think I need this. Thank you for sharing it.

  10. I think you just saved my life! I had no idea board lists existed on Tailwind! That is a total game changer and life changer! I also use Board Booster, but mostly for the looping feature of your own pins. Going to go figure out board lists right NOW!

  11. I have been trying to figure out which board booster to use, and have heard so many good things about Tailwind. I’m excited to see it in action!

  12. I’ve been looking for Pinterest related help guides and this is so helpful! I recently just revamped my blog site and I’m ready to get serious on promoting my blog on Pinterest. Can’t wait to get started now! Thanks for sharing this info!

  13. I have just launched my blog this month and I am working hard to get traffic up. I know that I need to use Pinterest more strategically and have just signed up for tailwind. I am missing something on rich pins. That is one of my goals for this week – to figure that out. I think I’ve got some good content for a lifestyle/family blog – just need to get it in front of interested eyes. 🙂 Thanks for posting this!

    • Alexandra Weisser

      Tailwind is awesome! You can get a free trial by clicking my link of 100 pins, then there are monthly options or the annual options. I love it!

    • Alexandra Weisser

      Thank you so much! I’ve learned so much about Pinterest since starting this blog! Hope you found some helpful tips and get to try out Tailwind.

  14. Ive been struggling with WordPress for quite some time but you’ve definitely convinced me to give tailwind a good go, I kind of looked at it before but got confused and gave up. Maybe it’s time to try again, thank you!

    • Alexandra Weisser

      It has helped drive traffic to my blog for sure. Let me know how it goes! You can get 100 free pins before you need to commit to a plan. I am so happy I did!

    • Alexandra Weisser

      I tried both- I know people have great things to say about Boardbooster but I didn’t like having to create all the secret boards, and I felt that it was slow and clunky. Another benefit is that Tailwind is a Pinterest approved vendor!

  15. I LOVE Tailwind! I love that I can set it up every week or two and then it automatically pins for me so that I don’t have to think about it all the time!

    • Alexandra Weisser

      Thanks for the comment Tonya! I definitely recommend Tailwind. I was nervous to pull the trigger, but it has been such an amazing boost to my Pinterest account and traffic from Pinterest to my site.

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