How to Have a Happy Valentine’s Day no matter what your relationship status

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Single? Married? Somewhere in between? No matter what your relationship status have a happy valentine's days with these fun ideas and gifts. Enjoy another happy and loving day!

Single? Married? Somewhere in between? No matter what your relationship status have a happy valentine’s days with these fun ideas and gifts. After all, valentine’s day is meant to be a day to remind us to be kind and show love to one another- including ourselves! Embrace the Hallmark holiday and use the day to be a little happier.

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All the single ladies…  all the single ladies. While some single ladies think that valentine’s day can be labeled “single awareness day” or have even become anti-valentine’s day (seriously there is so much anti-valentine’s day merchandise on Amazon it’s insane!), I think that it can be an amazing day for the single ladies out there.

  • Focusing of self care? Treat yourself to a mani/pedi (with an inspiring color of course!) or a massage
  • It is also a great day for growing the relationships with your friends. Plan a girls night! I enjoyed many great amazing gal-entines days when I was single.

You can also join the Women Living a Happy Life Facebook Group to get some love & make new friends! It is a community to inspire women to take action towards living a happy life and is a great support system. I would LOVE you to join us!


So you have kind of sort of been dating but haven’t yet defined the relationship? We’ve all been there and it can feel kind of awkward when the subject of valentine’s day comes up! The key is to keep it light, fun, and thoughtful if you choose to give a card or gift.



One of my favorite gifts that I ever made my boyfriend was this clever deck of cards with 52 reasons why I love him. It was a lot of fun to make and super inexpensive! If you aren’t that creative I found some fun alternatives that have the same sentiment:


Keep the love alive and treat yourself to something special this valentine’s day.

With Kids

My mom always made it a point to get me things for valentine’s day as a kid and it really made the day a whole lot more special! Some ways to make valentine’s day fun and special for kids include:

I hope this gave you some fun ways to celebrate Valentine’s day no matter what your relationship status! Just remember, it is just a fun holiday to remember to love yourself and others and spread a little bit of happiness. And remember, in order to receive love you must always give love!

All you need is love.

How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?



9 responses to “How to Have a Happy Valentine’s Day no matter what your relationship status

  1. I believe kids have even more fun than we do in celebrating St. Valentines – all these hearts and balloons – we become really childish, which is half of the fun! Thank you for “allowing” single people to feel good on St. Valentine’s!

  2. Rebecca

    It’s unfortunate that a day has poor emotions associated with it. This day needs to be filled with love, from strangers, to neighbors, to friends and family.

  3. Pia

    Great tips! I just switched from a dating thing to being single completely again! Men who don´t know what they want are…. ahhh, I even don´t have a word for it! Anyway, I definitely to do anything on Valentines Day this year. Anything which distracts me enough from thinking of this guy!

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