How to be Happy Every Day: 7 Things Happy People Do Daily

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Learn the seven things that happy people do every day so that you can be happy every day! I never knew how important the last one was.

Everyone wants to be happy every day. Picture the people in your life who you would describe as the happiest. What are some of their characteristics? I have observed and read a lot about happiness and have come up with 7 things that happy people do daily. So I wanted to share this list with you so that you too can be happy every day!

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Practice gratitude

It is so important to take a moment each and every day to be grateful for all of the things that you have. Happy people know this. They wake up each and everyday and set a positive intention for the day. They wake up eternally grateful that they have another day ahead of them filled with endless possibility.

How you can adapt it: Start keeping a gratitude journal. To start one, just find any notebook, journal, or notepad that you are going to dedicate to keeping your gratitude notes. You can type these, but I find it helps to write them out by hand. Every day, write down three things that you are grateful for. You can write that you are thankful for your significant other, running water, the home you live in, your job, your paycheck, anything that you have in your life that you take for granted. In time, you’ll be able to reflect back on all the things you do have and be grateful for your life and be happy every day.

Say No

Happy people know what makes them tick and what they like to do. They only engage in activities or keep the company of people that make them feel… HAPPY! Many of us find ourselves committing to activities or things that we actually don’t want to do. We feel like we need to say yes to something that we don’t really want to do because it would be impolite or selfish to say no. That is a mindset that happy people have learned to overcome: it is okay and extremely healthy to put yourself first. Don’t associate putting yourself and your needs first with being selfish. Overextending yourself and not bringing your best self to something is actually the selfish and impolite act. Besides, it is more rude to cancel or flake on the things you say yes to that you know you won’t fulfill.

How you can adapt it: The next time someone asks you to do something that you don’t want to do or would over-extend your schedule, simply decline! Say NO! No is a complete sentence. You do not need to justify, make an excuse, or explain why you cannot do the thing that is asked of you. A line that I have found myself using is “Thanks so much for the invite/thinking of me, but I am going to pass on this time.” That’s it! No hard feelings, no excuse, just a plain and simple no thank you. It leaves the door open for them to include you and think of you for the next time without having to do it this time.

Smile and laugh

It is scientifically proven that smiling and laughing makes you feel good! When you smile, the feel good neurotransmitters called endorphins are released and they make you feel good. Endorphins are natural painkillers and can help you feel happy. Ever heard the saying fake it ’til you make it? Our bodies don’t know the difference between fake smiles and real smiles, so turning that frown upside-down even if it isn’t genuine still gives you that great rush of endorphins.


How you can adapt it: Make a mental note to yourself to begin smiling at strangers as you pass them by. This may feel really strange and unnatural at first, but you will get used to this habit. Soon, you will feel so much joy in giving strangers a little happiness boost as well as the rush of endorphins you’ll get for yourself. If you need a good laugh, make a list of movies or tv shows that can always put a smile on your face. For me, watching re-runs of Friends makes me laugh and can instantly put a smile on my face! Know what shows and movies do that for you.

Build relationships

Building relationships may be the best predictor of how happy we are likely to be. One of my favorite authors and happiness experts Gretchen Rubin says that the key to happiness is strong relationships. She spent an entire year dedicated to her happiness project (you can read all about my review of her book The Happiness Project here), with three out of the twelve months being dedicated towards relationships. February focused on Marriage and remembering love, April focused on Parenthood and her relationship with her kids, and June focused on Friendship and making time for friends. Twenty-five percent of the book is on the importance of relationships!

How you can adapt it: To start, you can read The Happiness Project and see what Gretchen Rubin learned from focusing on relationships in those three months. Additionally, find time every day to reach out and connect to people. Spend 5 minutes chatting with your co-worker in the kitchen, text a friend that you haven’t talked to recently and connect, use Facebook to connect with like-minded people (you can connect with me here!), and spend some quality time with your family and spouse. Prioritize relationships and realize how important they are to both your happiness and the other person’s happiness. One daily habit of mine is to call my parents on my walk from work to the subway every weekday. This gives me 10-15 minutes at a consistent time to connect with my parents and I’ve paired this habit with walking to the subway.

Make time for self-care

Taking care of yourself is key to being happy every day. In a world where we are so busy, many people (especially women) often put themselves last on the list of who to take care of that day. Self-care is extremely important for your physical and mental health, and taking good care of yourself enables you to be better equipped for taking care of others. You know on an airplane when they do the demonstration about if the cabin pressure decreases and how oxygen masks will appear over your seat? They always remind you to put on your own mask first, before helping others to secure their masks. The same goes for self-care! You need to take care of your physical and mental health before you can help others succeed.

How you can adapt it: Create daily and weekly rituals. Maybe you wake up 15 minutes before everyone in your household so that you can enjoy a cup of coffee and some light reading. Or you have your husband or sitter watch the kids once a week so you can spend a couple of hours on me-time. You can take five minutes a few times a day to stop what you are working on and just breathe or meditate. Even starting your day by reciting some positive affirmations can help you with self-care. For me, getting a good nights sleep is so important to my mental and physical health. I make it a point to get to bed at a consistent time each night!

7 things happy people do every single day!

Appreciate the little things

Happy people find joy in the little things. They take time to embrace the cliché: stop and smell the roses. Science has backed this one up too saying that it allows people to “acknowledge the value and meaning of something.” The people in my life who I consider the happiest always appreciate the little things. They are genuinely happy about small things like the iced coffee they got for breakfast, a new pen to use at the office, a friend giving them a small token of appreciation, and so many more things.

How you can adapt it: Find and acknowledge the little things that make you happy each day. A way to do this is to pay attention for times that you or someone else remarks “it’s the little things.” It truly is the little things in life that can make the biggest impact on our happiness.These things will be different for everyone since we each associate value and meaning of items or activities differently.For me, changing the page on my daily desk calendar can be a huge happiness boost but is such a little insignificant part of my daily routine that it could be overlooked if I didn’t give it the value and meaning.

Decide to be happy

This is the hardest yet most profound thing that happy people do each and every day. They decide to be happy. Happiness is a choice, and their is once again some scientific proof to back this up. Just like you choose what to wear each morning, you can also decide every day to be happy.

How you can adapt it: Simply declare each morning before you get out of bed that today you will be happy and that today will be an amazing day. That is it! Set the intention and you have decided that you will be happy. While there will be many challenges you may face over the course of the day, as long as you remember that you are choosing happiness, you will be happy.


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Do you do these 7 things every day? If not, what areas do you want to work on?




60 responses to “How to be Happy Every Day: 7 Things Happy People Do Daily

  1. This is absolutely wonderful alexandra! All great forms of self care that anyone can do everyday to boost their mood. I adore this list 😊.

    Learning to say no, gratitude journaling, making self care a priority… and everything else on this list all made an amazing difference for me after my Graves Disease diagnosis. And I know your suggestions will make a huge difference for anyone else who needs them. Thanks for sharing your goodness!

  2. I know that I had to stop saying no when I got sick about two years ago. I just kept pushing my self far past my limits trying to please everybody. So after being sick, I learned that I needed to say no to some things and I have no regrets about it! Thank you for providing this list I will share it!

  3. Such a great article! I believe practicing gratitude is so, so important, and especially when you’re going through a rough time, taking a few minutes everyday to literally count your blessings can help immensely.

  4. Caroline

    Love all of these! So important to look after yourself and be surrounded by happy, positive people.

  5. I love that you included deciding to be happy!! I think too many people choose to be miserable and pessimistic about life. Now, imagine if everyone was choosing to be happy where they are! Thanks for sharing
    Kaitlynn recently posted…The Liebster AwardMy Profile

  6. Wonderful blog post. So many people feel guilty saying no, and instead sacrifice their well-being. It’s so important to know yourself and your limits and not push yourself beyond what you can handle.

  7. Lacee

    What a great compilation of things to make yourself happy. I love being positive. I think it’s essential to be able to say no when you need to. Smiling just changes my attitude about everything. 🙂

  8. Great article! Deciding to be happy is such a major step, and a difficult one, especially on tough days! I will like the honesty in this post and I definitely want to check out The Happiness Project!!

  9. These are great tips. I love the idea of “deciding to be happy”. that’s so important. So many people think their happiness is tied to other people.

  10. This is a really good article. A couple of montha ago, I made the decision to live a happuer and more mindful life for me and my family. I started a blog about an issue I’m very passionate about. My fiance is amazing, our whole relationship has improved, my kids are happier, even the dog is happier. I’ve started a movement over here lol. But seriously, really nice post!! Thanks

  11. This reminds me of that Pharrell Williams song “Happy” – which makes me happy! I think dancing and listening to music in the car make for a good day!

  12. These are such great tips! Thank you. I need to pay more attention to “Saying NO’ & “making time for self care”. Im going to be working on that this month!

  13. These are all good tips but it is so true that at the end of the day, we just have to decide. If we don’t choose to be happy, we may find that we often won’t be.

  14. I love this! I need to make sure and focus on taking care of myself. Just being so busy sometimes it’s easy to forget that. Thank you for reminding me 😊

  15. I love this! I’m currently the happiest I have ever been and I still think I can start doing more of these things to bring it up another notch! Thanks!!

  16. I saw this post on Instagram and knew I had to comment! Deciding to be happy is the first step. I’ve been working on building my relationships, making them stronger. Smiling and laughing helps too. Great post.

  17. I think the power of saying “NO” seems to be the hardest. People want to be happy but they also want others to be happy so saying NO tends to be a brick wall and somebody’s happiness tends to fall through the cracks.

  18. Still having some trouble being happy with so much going on in my life. However, every day I try a little bit more, eat a bit of chocolate, listen to some music, enjoy life with my boyfriend, etc. It’s a work in progress!

  19. This post speaks to my heart because I’m always on the journey to true happiness. I truly believe in appreciating the small things and practicing gratitude daily!

  20. Hi Alexandra, these are all great tips! I practiced writing down my gratitudes for 21 days in a row, a little while ago. It completely changed my outlook and I’m now focused on all that is great in this beautiful world of ours! Great tips!

  21. These are great tips. I think for myself learning to say no is a big thing. I always want to please everyone and not let people down but this is often to my own detriment. Thanks for the reminder and encouragement!

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