Happy Life Hack: Paint Your Nails with an Inspirational Color

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Happy Life Hack: Paint your nails an inspirational color. Paint yourself with positive vibes and affirmations to make your day a little.... brighter!

Need something small to live your happy life every day? Try one of my favorite happy life hacks: painting your nails with an inspirational nail colors! I don’t know about you but one of my weekly me-time indulgences is getting a manicure. Since I am obsessed with positive affirmations and good vibes, painting my fingers (and toes!) with a nail color with an inspirational name gives me such immense joy.

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Before we get into the inspirational colors…

I am absolutely obsessed with Seche Vite top coat (seriously check out the Amazon reviews if you don’t believe me- this product is life changing!) It dries in less than five minutes and is the only top coat that makes my weekly manicure last even close to a week. Ask for it at your local nail salon or snag yourself a bottle  to bring with you or for your own DIY mani.

Now onto the colors with amazing names and all the good vibes!

Eternal Optimist by Essie

Winning Streak by Essie

Glowing Strong by Essie

Loving Hue by Essie


Mauve-tivation by Essie



Time to Unwind by Essie

In the Balance by Essie 

Now I’ll admit that I am an extremely loyal Essie nail polish gal, but I thought I’d check out the names of the competition…

Patience Pays Off by OPI

You Can Count On It by OPI

Go with the Lava Flow by OPI


Finally, it doesn’t get much better than a gorgeous red hue with happy right there in the name:

Maki Me Happy


I just got back from a mani-pedi and have this painted across my toes, eating sushi while typing this post… talk about maki me happy! (I couldn’t resist the irony!)

Do you pick nail polish by the names? What happy life hacks do you have?



Need something small to make your life a little happier? Try painting your nails with a color that has an inspiring name!

7 responses to “Happy Life Hack: Paint Your Nails with an Inspirational Color

  1. Mikala

    So being in college I can’t afford to get my nails done but I miss it. I started painting my own which I am awful at. But it is still nice to do.

  2. Reading this post made me happy! I have been trying to make time to paint my nails (a mani-pedi feels like a DREAM) but alas two boys and the flu are against me!

  3. There’s definitely something about painting your nails that makes your day better! I love that you pay attention to the names of each one. That brings even more meaning to the selection. I’m also a loyal Essie customer. I love their colors. Thanks for sharing!

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