18 for 2018: 18 things to accomplish in 2018

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My absolute favorite happiness guru Gretchen Rubin shared an idea one of her listeners had to choose 35 things to do before she turned 35. Gretchen Rubin updated this idea with his sister Liz Craft on their podcast Happier and suggested that listeners create an “18 for 2018” list of 18 things to accomplish in 2018. I absolutely LOVE this idea and as a member of the Happier in Hollywood Facebook group (Liz Craft’s show with her writing partner- see more about them here) listeners kept posting their lists, inspiring me to write and finish mine.

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Interested in learning more about Gretchen Rubin? Check out my book review on her book, The Happiness Project!

18 for 2018

I hope this inspires you to create a list of your own (and if you do, please share with us!)

  1. Sell UES apartment
  2. Move in with boyfriend to the first floor apartment in Queens
  3. Make & keep all annual doctor’s appointments: physical, eye doctor, dentist
  4. Find new ob-gyn & go to annual appointment
  5. Write and publish 2-4 blog posts monthly (are you interested in starting your own blog? Check out my guide to starting a money making blog here)
  6. Get a new black wallet
  7. Only drink alcohol 4 days per month
  8. Get proper dining room table for new apartment
  9. Host a dinner party in new apartment
  10. Finish remaining 9 grad school classes by December
  11. Clean out and refresh clothing “basics” (tank tops, underwear, bras, socks)
  12. Read at least 2 books per month for fun
  13. Try one new recipe every week to get out of food rut
  14. Buy something new for myself quarterly without guilt (hello Stitch Fix!)
  15. Plan a vacation or weekend trip with my boyfriend
  16. Meditate, do guided mediation, or listen to affirmations 3+ times per week (ideally daily)
  17. Follow yearly savings challenge (find the challenge here!)
  18. Go with the flow as much as possible (be kind, say yes, have fun!)

If you need some ideas for my list, check out some of my other blog posts. You might get some ideas from:


Additionally, Gretchen Rubin, recently did a Facebook live video asking her listeners to choose their one word theme. You can read more about her take on the one word theme here. I absolutely love this idea of choosing a one-word theme for your year as your sort of “New Year Resolution.”

My theme for 2018 (drumroll please…)


I chose the theme of abundance because I love how it relates to the Law of Attraction (you can check out my beginner’s guide to the law of attraction here). I don’t mean abundance in terms of having a lot of physical or material items, but to have an abundance of love, happiness, money, wealth, etc.


Additionally, I have given myself a motto for 2018: Time to Shine!

What are your 18 for 2018, theme of the year, or mottos? Share with me in the comments below!

Cheers to living your happy life in 2018!





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